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G08 – MP3 Download Trinlay Rinpoche – The Four Noble Truths



According to the Buddha’s first discourse, Trinlay Rinpoche explains the four noble truths that embrace the entire path and form part of every Buddhist direction. Through the very profound and cheerful manner in which Rinpoche teaches, he is a great inspiration to apply what he has heard and to put it into action.

Trinlay Rinpoche, born in 1975 in Switzerland as the son of American-French parents, was recognized early by the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa as a rebirth of an important Buddhist teacher. Since then he has undergone traditional training for Tulkus as well as studying at Western universities. He is considered the first western rebirth of a lama of the Karma Kagyu school and teaches in Asia, Europe and America.

Format: mp3

Time: 4h 35min

Tracks: 77

Language: English

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