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P02 – MP3 Download Sabchu Rinpoche – “The King of Wishing Prayers” by Samantabhadra, 2009



Sabchu Rinpoche explains the famous wishful prayers and explains their

meaning for our ‘modern’ everyday life in a profound way. Due to the extensive text, only about half of the text will be covered this weekend.

The 5th Dilyag Sabchu Rinpoche, 26 years old, was recognized by H.H. Shamar Rinpoche as a rebirth of the previous Sabchu Rinpoche. He underwent a traditional spiritual training and received all oral transmissions and initiations of the Karma Kagyu Lineage. Closely connected with Shamar Rinpoche, he teaches in various spiritual disciplines. Bodhi Path Centres and other Buddhist centres.

Translation from English into German: Julia Gaultier

Format: mp3

Tracks: 56

Time: 8h 25min

Language: English/German

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