Lama Jampa – Nyungne Course – CANCELLED! - Bodhi Path Renchen Ulm
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Lama Jampa – Nyungne Course – CANCELLED!

25/08/2020 22:00 - 30/08/2020 14:00


25/08/2020 22:00
30/08/2020 14:00


Renchen-Ulm, Deutschland (DEU) 77871 Germany

WE ARE VERY SORRY WE EVEN HAVE TO CANCEL THIS COURSE DUE TO COVID19. It is not possible for Lama Jampa to come here from the USA. 🙁

So we do hope and wish for another date in the near future. Stay well and healthy please.

A Nyungne-retreat is a buddhist practice that helps to purify negative imprints in the mind (Karma) and build up merit and wisdom at the same time. One Nyungne means 2 1/2 days of practice, for which one takes certain vows, which include silence and fasting as well as the attitude of Bodhicitta and the recitation of  the puja of the 1000-armed Chenrezi, the Buddha of compassion. This course includes 2 Nyungnes – but it is as well possible to only participate in just one.

Lama Jampa is Tibetan and comes originally from Yangpachen, the seat of the Shamarpas in Tibet. For many years already he is living and teaching in the USA, where he always kept a very close contact with Shamar Rinpoche until Rinpoche passed away. Lama Jampa touches by his kind and loving attitude, which is deeply rooted in the Dharma. We are happy that Lama Jampa will guide us again through two Nyungnes.

Schedule: Begin already on Tuesday evening at 8pm (!) with instructions until either Friday morning (for 1 Nyungne) or until Sunday morning for both.

Wednesday: Start with the practice, which includes recitation, prostrations and meditation. This day there will be breakfast and lunch. No dinner this day, just beverages.

Thursday: Fasting, which means the whole day is dedicated to the practice. No food, no drinks, no talking. (This day is carried by the practice and is not comparable to ‘normal’ fasting days).

from Friday morning 5am drinks are allowed again and with the following practice session the 1st Nyungne-cycle is concluded. Directly afterwards the 2nd one will start, so: breakfast and lunch, no dinner but beverages.

Saturday: Fasting day, like Thursday

Sunday morning: End of the 2nd Nyungne-cycle.

Afterwards, at 10am Lama Jampa will give an empowerment to the 1000-armed Chenrezi! This is open to all, also to those who didn’t participate in the course.

Important: You are also welcome if you can’t attend the entire course, or not even one of the two Nyungne-cycles, but only part of it! According to Lama Jampa every participation is beneficial, even if you ‘just’ help preparing the meals, thus supporting the practitioners, it is very meritorious!

We ask you kindly to register for whatever time you are able to join!

Fee for both Nyungnes: € 130 (red. € 105, valid for supporting members, students, unemployed, pensioners)

Fee for just the first Nyungne, Tuesday evening – Friday morning: € 70 (red. € 60), or the second one: Friday morning – Sunday morning: € 65 (red. € 55)

Fee for the empowerment: € 20 (red. € 16)

Language: English with German translation