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House and Garden Day in August

Kaierstr.,18, Renchen-Ulm, Deutschland (DEU)

Our garden is actually longing for helping hands - for the beds, the stupa place and everything around. At the same time we would also like to prepare the house […]


Nendo Rinpoche – Bodhicitta and the Bodhisattva Vows

Bodhi Path Zentrum Renchen-Ulm Kaierstr. 18, Renchen-Ulm

We are excited to welcome the venerable 6. Nedo Kuchung Rinpoche from Rumtek again! This time Rinpoche will explain us how to develop Bodhicitta, the enlightened mind. At the same […]

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House and Garden Day in September

Kaierstr.,18, Renchen-Ulm, Deutschland (DEU)

Let's care together for the center's garden, the stupa place and everything around as well as for the center itself as the house needs some preparation for the upcoming course […]

4. Chenrezi Course with Lama Jigme Rinpoche

Kaierstr.,18, Renchen-Ulm, Deutschland (DEU)

We are excited to announce another course in the series of Chenrezi courses, that Jigme Rinpoche started in January 2020! This course is mainly meant for those who had written […]

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Khenpo Gyaltsen Zangpo – Gateway to Knowledge

Kaierstr.,18, Renchen-Ulm, Deutschland (DEU)

After a long break due to Corona we are happy to announce the second visit of Khenpo Gyaltsen Zangpo, who will now continue the series of courses about 'The Gateway […]

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