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Dear friends,

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We are very happy to announce that Jigme Rinpoche will give a course on February 18th and 19th during which he will continue his precious teaching series about the conditions on the path to enlightenment, in his warmhearted way, both comprehensive and profound at the same time.

There are some specifics for this course:

Schedule: Saturday 10–11.30am and 3-4.30pm, Sunday 10–11.30am

Fee for the entire course: € 70 (reduced € 55)

Fee for single units: € 25 (€ 20)

Venue: Festhalle in Renchen, Friedhofstr. 5, 77871 Renchen !

We are sorry we are not able to provide any accommodations during this course. The house is fully booked as we are having the Bodhi Path Instructor Training here right before. But you will certainly find accommodations on the following websites:

www.renchen.de www.achern.de

www.oberkirch.de www.appenweier.de

Arrival: by train to Renchen, walk to the hall in about 15 minutes

by car directly to the hall, parking there is possible

For producing Buddha Amitabha Tsatsas we invited two monks: Lama Ngawang Dorje from the Sharminub Institute in Kathmandu and Lama Tsering Dorje from Diwakar Buddhist Academy in Kalimpong. Both have completed their studies at the Buddhist Diwakar Academy in Kalimpong with the degree of an Acharya / Junior-Khenpo. They are producing many tsatsas daily and you are most welcome to join and help! Maybe you have some hours or even a few days to come? This is possible from now on until February, 10th. Please contact us and we will see, which options there are. We would be happy to see you!

With best wishes and hope to see you soon,

Your Bodhi Path Team

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