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Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde,

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Lama Nygyam – Buddha Amitabha, 19.-21.08.

Mit großer Freude machen wir euch auf den kommenden Buddha Amitabha Kurs mit Lama Nygyam aufmerksam, der vom 19.-21. August hier stattfindet. Zusätzlich zu den Erklärungen zum Buddha des grenzenlosen Lichtes wird Lama Nygyam am Sonntag, den 21.08. um 10 Uhr eine Einweihung zu Buddha Amitabha geben!
Lama Nygyam ist einer der Lamas, die im Kloster von Sharminub in Kathmandu ein 10-Jahres-Retreat durchgeführt haben und sämtliche (ca. 250) Gelübde aufrechterhalten haben. Er ist ein sehr kraftvoller Lama und kommt zum ersten Mal nach Deutschland – wir freuen uns sehr – auf ihn und auf euch!

Sommerpause / Summer break vom 22.08.-04.09.

In der Zeit vom 22. August bis einschließlich 4. September ist das Zentrum geschlossen – wir machen eine Sommerpause…. 😉 Ab 5. September sind wir wieder da und die abendlichen Meditationen finden auch wieder von montags bis donnerstags um 20 Uhr statt.

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Es ist uns eine große Ehre, bald nach der Sommerpause, vom 16. – 18. September, Lama Jampa Thaye aus Manchester zum ersten Mal bei uns zu begrüßen. Er wird einen Abidharma Kurs geben zum Thema: Die Shentong Madhyamaka Sichtweise. Lama Jampa Thaye unterrichtet auch im KIBI in Delhi und wurde von Shamar Rinpoche gebeten, ebenfalls im Bodhi Path Zentrum zu unterrichten. Er ist ein herausragender Lehrer!

Mit den besten Grüßen für einen wunderbaren Sommer,
Eurer Bodhi Path Team


Dear friends,

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Lama Nygyam – Buddha Amitabha, 19.-21.08.

It is with great joy that we are announcing the Buddha Amitabha course with Lama Nygyam, taking place August 19-21. In addition to his explanations about the Buddha of limitless light, Lama Nygyam will be giving an Amitabha empowerment on Sunday at 10am.
Lama Nygyam is one of the Lamas, who spent a 10 years retreat in the monastery of Sharminub in Kathmandu and who is keeping the (about 250) vows of the Vinayana. He is a powerful Lama and will be teaching in Germany for the first time. We are very much looking forward to seeing him – and you!

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For your calendar, you should also look at the following courses, of which we already know the dates. There will be more courses listed later.
And there is some hope that Jigme Rinpoche will be able to give his course, which was planned for February 17 – 19. We will know more about this in the beginning of January and will then communicate it to you right away. In any case, we are kindly asking everybody for further wishes for Rinpoche’s health and his long life.

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Those of you who have already eaten here, certainly enjoyed the delicious vegetarian food, fondly prepared by our different cooks/chefs. A very important tool while cooking for many persons is the electric steamer – the heart of our kitchen so to speak. It is always working and takes care of cooking vegetable in big amounts and many more delicacies. After more than 20 years of intense use it’s job is done and the many repairing attempts couldn’t change anything. Our dear electric steamer ‘died’ and doesn’t steam any longer.

For being able to still preparing healthy and delicous food in our kitchen and for preventing our chefs who are often doing this voluntarily from being too desperate but still cook with joy and enthusiasm, we are kindly asking you for a donation. A new machine costs between six and seven thousand Euro! It would be great to installing such a tool soon again, because it is such a big help for the cooking team. We would be very grateful for your support!

Account for donations:
Bodhi Path Zentrum e.V., IBAN: DE91 4306 0967 7901 8966 00
BIC: GENODEM 1 GLS, Purpose: Donation for a new electrical steamer

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Last but not least we would like to thank all those of you deeply who supported us this year – by your active help, by your financial support and most of all by your willingness to be inspired by the Dharma, to attend the courses and to open yourself and your life to a positive influence! Thank you so much for your support on the path an in the center! This is great.

With best wishes for wonderful holidays and an auspicious turn of the year,
wholeheartedly the Bodhi Path Team

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