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Welcome to the Bodhi Path
Center Renchen-Ulm

Shamar Rinpoche had the wish to open a Bodhi Path Center close to Strasbourg and this wish is fulfilled in a wonderful way with the object in Renchen-Ulm.

The house became the first European Bodhi Path Center and was inaugurated by Lama Jigme Rinpoche on the 5th March 2006. It is now the European Seat of Shamar Rinpoche and is thus guided by Shamar Rinpoche directly. The center in the Kaierstraße had been a guesthouse before and offers guest rooms and a meditation hall (converted from a former bowling alley). These are best conditions for the course program and the accommodation for the participants. Located amidst vineyards and orchards the center can be found in Ulm, a village near Renchen, close to Baden-Baden, Offenburg and only 30 km from Strasbourg. Just a 10 minutes’ drive from the highway exits Achern or Appenweier it is easily accessible. Renchen even provides a train station in a 5 km distance from the center.

Information for house guests

The weekend courses start on Friday with the dinner at 6.30 pm and end on Sunday with the lunch. Earlier or later arrivals or departures are possible according to prior agreement. Possible exceptions can be found in the program.


This secluded location, so specially blessed by Shamar Rinpoche, is very suitable for short or middle long phases of retreat. There are different ways to combine Dharma practice and help in the center, which change the price accordingly. If you want to use this place for your practice, please contact us for more details. For prices and other information please see Information for house guests page

Team living in the center

Sabine Teuber

Susi Heusser

Hans Berner

Karin Berner

About Bodhi Path

Bodhi Path is an international organization of Buddhist centers founded by and under the direction of Shamar Rinpoche (also known as Shamarpa). The Bodhi Path centers offer an open and non-sectarian access to Buddhism. Under the guidance of Shamar Rinpoche, our teachers provide instruction in Buddhist meditation and philosophy and provide guidance for our Buddhist practice.

A sense for a spiritual community is developed through common study and practice. This in turn provides support for our individual studies and Buddhist practice. „Practitioners of meditation will experience two types of benefit. The first benefit is an immediate improvement of daily life. The practice of meditation allows the mind to become more peaceful, calm and more relaxed. Once the mind is more relaxed, occurrences that would usually annoy us, appear to be less important. Furthermore, step by step, through meditation the mind learns to become more independent from outer conditions and circumstances. A mind that is not influenced by outer conditions is capable of recognizing its own stability and calmness. A stable mind – an undisturbed mind – experiences less suffering. These are the two immediate benefits arising from a regular meditation practice.”

Shamar Rinpoche, Founder of Bodhi Path Organization