Bodhi Path Instructor Training - Bodhi Path Renchen Ulm

Bodhi Path Instructor Training

The members of the first group have already finished their three years training in 2015, but they are continuing their studies with at least one course per year. The second group started in 2016. The members of the Instructor Training represent more than 20 different Bodhi Path Centers in Europe.

This training is meant for those members of the European Bodhi Path Centers, who are responsible for guiding the meditation sessions. They have the task of sharing the knowledge they are receiving during the training in their Bodhi Path groups at home. It is an intensive program, which lasts for at least three years, during which the basic Dharma teachings are studied.

In accordance with Shamar Rinpoche, Jigme Rinpoche has created the program for this training, which was given by Acharya Tenzing Wangpo and Lama Jungne. Soon Trinlay Rinpoche will continue with the teachings by starting to introduce the Bodhi Path Curriculum to the trainees in a gradual manner.