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Puja Days in Honor of Künzig Shamar Rinpoche

Kaierstr.,18, Renchen-Ulm, Deutschland (DEU)

Our beloved teacher and founder of the Bodhi Path Organization, Künzig Shamar Rinpoche, entered parinirvana here at his European seat on June 11 in 2014. Since then, every year a […]

House and Garden Day in July

Kaierstr.,18, Renchen-Ulm, Deutschland (DEU)

Summer! Everything in the garden is growing (like crazy) and we are happy for everybody who would like to be part in taking care of the garden, the stupa area […]

Acharya Tenzing Wangpo – Gampopa Study Course, part 4

Kaierstr.,18, Renchen-Ulm, Deutschland (DEU)

Acharya Tenzing Wangpo continues the study series that Lama Jungne had started about one of the most important Buddhist texts, 'The Jewel Ornament of Liberation' from the Buddhist master Gampopa. […]

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